About Us

wild mountain blackberries at the peak of season

About Nature's Wild Harvest

At Nature's Wild Harvest we are about FORAGING MUSHROOMS & WILD BERRIES - bringing natures wild harvest straight to you.   Some of the bounty is transformed into sustainable pantry goods, our Jams and Syrups made with local honey and by drying mushrooms, powdering mushrooms - transforming them to potent and flavorful secret recipe additions!!  We rely on local sustainable mushroom farms during part of the year to help provide you with the best mushrooms available, year round.

Bill Cole, LFE, Lead Foraging Entrepreneur, has spent a lifetime learning and sharing about the simple pleasures of the wonderful foods available from nature. For over thirty years he has foraged wild mushrooms, greens and berries in the rich bountiful forests of Pacific Northwest. While he is known for his bounty of mushrooms and greens, it is his own secret recipes of jams and syrups sweetened with honey that keep people coming back for more.

If you have been to a farmers market, festival or show in the Pacific NW - you have probably been by Nature's Wild Harvest, and possibly purchased some fresh wild foods to feed to you and yours.

Pricing and availability fluctuate with seasonal availability. Please call us at 360-798-9331 or email me at bill@natureswildharvest.com for current details.